Terra had began shuffling through her bag as Alexa continued to speak, slipping a book out as she spoke about the library and handing it to Alexa nonchalantly. “My own copy. Memorized. Your turn.” she said letting the book go after reaching it out to Alexa, not even thinking the other girl would not take the book.

Terra may be horrid at potions with all their quite specific processes times math, multiplied by things she did not care about to equal murky potions that held no real purpose to her future. Transfiguration was her specialty and she rocked it, and it could be said a bit overtly hyper focused on the subject. She then pulled her camera out after eye-ing the area and snapped a shot of the tiny depleting trail and now distant form of a smoking friend with a orange speck trailing after her.

Terra then pivoted and snapped a shot of Alexa, thank goodness her magicked camera had no need for a flash otherwise she was pretty sure her friends would of made her swallow it whole. Ah how nice it was to have good friends. She grinned over the top of her camera at Alexa, “the only solution is the best one, hottie professor snooping. Thats the book you need, I can recite it so you can keep it and we can duel practice later for chocolate frogs.” At which point she was slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet just a bit excited.